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Dr. Faisal's Relief Speciality Dental Clinic

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Has it been long since you visited a dentist? Come with ease to our multi-speciality clinic to gain the best treatment that matches your needs with our team of great doctors.

We’re passionate about helping you experience a beautiful and healthy smile. You can expect gentle and compassionate care with precision and excellence.




Laser Dentistry

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Endodontics (Root Canal)

Pedodontics & Preventative Dentistry

Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

Oral Medicine & Radiology

Oral Pathology & Cancer Detection


High Standard

Our relationship with patients is based on key principles of Integrity, Respect & Trust. We maintain a high standard of patient service which has made us a leading dental clinic in Malabar. We are open and honest in our dealings and ensure that we carry this through in all our decisions.

Patients always comes first in FRD Clinic. Our treatment plans are designed by keeping patient’s interests in mind. Our doctors are continuously trained with our key values to enhance our customer service and quality.

FRD doctors have also taken our oath in addition to their professional oath which reinforces their duty to act in the best interest of the patient at all times.

100% Ethical Treatment

100% Transparency

Treatment options are provided to patients so they can actively participate in their Dental Care. There will be no untold hidden fee in our hospital. Every fee and price are communicated with the patients while detailing our services.

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Through comfortable, high-tech care, Dr. Faisal and our team will ensure your pain is relieved, problems resolved, and the health of your smile improved. Book an   appointment today!

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Why FRD Clinic for you?

We welcome you to a place where patients of all ages enjoy a wide range of personalized dental solutions.   Our quality and safety measures are ensured for our patients’ well-being. Our trust among whole Malabar is built on the quality care we provide to our patients.    Our latest technological advancements are an advantage our patients enjoy which provides them comfort and ease in their treatment.

Quality and Safety treatment

Comfortable ambience

Eco-friendly clinic

Spacious parking area

3500 sq. ft. clinic with all specialities including Lounge, Cafeteria, Play area, and Prayer room.


See What Others Say About Us

For over a year I had been struggling with tooth infection. After consultation with a dental clinic in New York, it was diagnosed as a problem of an impacted tooth of the third molar in the lower jaw. I was told to get it surgically removed. When I read the review of the dental clinic, I was very disheartened as a lot of patients reported future issues...  Read More 

Nikhil Sivadas

Research Associate

Applied & Engineering Physics,

Cornell University

Very friendly customer service approach. Excellent treatment and advice!



I would like to show my appreciations to all staff at  Relief Speciality Dental Clinic Tirur.   The dental surgeon    Dr. Faisal  sir is extremely professional, approachable, honest and helpful. Thank you very much for your outstanding  treatment, help and advice. Also the staffs are extremely professional and always strive to help patients.

Sreendh Menon

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